Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beck's Betrayal

For many on the political right, Glenn Beck has been a figure of truth in the darkness. He's been a risk-taker, connecting dots that other hosts dared not, and he has been unafraid to sound crazy when pointing out the truth. Since his show on Fox was decommissioned, he has grown a relatively successful media empire on the fringe of what they call new media, known as 'The Blaze'. It currently boasts a website with high traffic as well as a T.V. show that runs on Dish Network. Beck's talk radio fortunes remain stagnant as they ever were compared to the heavy hitters, but in general he's regarded as somewhat of a success.

But conservatives can now also regard this man as a traitor.

Ever since Glenn hired staff including faux conservatives and also fraudulent libertarians, like S.E. Cupp and Will Cain, he has behaved erratically, lurching from one left wing issue to another. Most recently, the most embarrassing incident involved an on air love note to Melissa Harris-Perry, decrying those who wanted her fired for making a racial punchline of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney's adopted grandson. Beck defended Perry, who he thought was 'not a bad person'.
For those of you who are unaware, Melissa Harris-Perry has a long record of being an avowed Stalinist, race hustler, infanticide advocate, as well as famously stating she wanted the state to confiscate children from their parents.

 Kapo Harris-Perry already has her
Gestapo coat

But this is not where Glenn went off the deep end. No, that has come in Glenn's most recent delusional rantings. And no, you won't have to tune in next week and buy my Ovaltine to find out the details. Glenn Beck has done an about-face and is now full-steam ahead in support of the homosexual agenda. In the wake of Russia's sensible and noble decision to pass legislation protecting children from sexual predators and homosexual propagandists, Beck has launched into a hysterical tailspin on the axis of comments made by a Russian T.V. actor. According to Glenn, because an actor said he wanted to kill homosexuals, Russia is now a "hetero-fascist" state. Would Glenn ever used the word "homo-fascist"? We think not.

It got even more painful, as Glenn then declared he would "stand with GLAAD on this issue". So in the wake of GLAAD attempting to destroy Phil Robertson for speaking the Biblical truth about sodomy (a fight they eventually lost in a humiliating defeat), Beck has declared his allegiance to an organization whose stated goal is to protect homosexuals and transgender individuals from 'defamation', mainly in media.
But Glenn is not naive. He knows exactly what GLAAD is. He knows exactly what the sordid history of the 'gay rights' movement is all about. He knows exactly which figures began the movement and why they did it. After all, Glenn is something of a history buff, and since he loves connecting dots so much, lets do a simple flow chart. All of these organizations can be traced back to the Communist Party of the United States (AKA - CPUSA)

GLAAD is one of many CPUSA front groups. As outlined in 'The Naked Communist' (1958) published by FBI agent, W. Cleon Skousen, communist infiltrators and collaborators in the United States had a set of goals, forty five, give or take. Many were obvious goals for blossoming radicals loyal to the Soviet Union, things such as the disintegration of the communist investigation panels set up by Congress, which was achieved after the destruction of Senator Joe McCarthy. Others however had a much more sinister tone and centered around a theory that came out of the radical social Marxism think-tank, 'The Frankfurt School'. Their idea was outlined by one of the founders, Willi Munzenberg

We need to organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilization stink. Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life impossible, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat.”


One of the goals within this broader strategy was the promotion of degeneracy, promiscuity, and homosexuality. The entire 'gay rights' movement, much like the feminist movement, was an elaborate scam engineered by Marxian loyalists in the United States. The spider's web of advocacy organizations all have their roots in the Mattachine Society, whose founders were card-carrying members of none other than CPUSA.

thanks for the money, you rubes!

So, back to Glenn Beck. He is not an ignorant man. He's well aware of the links that connect ACORN and the SEIU to the old 'Students for a Democratic Society' (SDS), as well as their links to CPUSA. It seems inexplicable that Beck would be unaware of the connection here to the Mattachine Society. The only explanation is that he does know, and is selectively ignoring it.

The "stand with GLAAD" bullshit might have been permissible, a moment of madness perhaps. But not even a month later and Glenn is pounding this drum again. He is attacking the president of Russia over the homosexual propaganda law once more, this time with the backdrop of the Sochi Winter Olympics and the ambush interview conducted by left wing reporter, George Stephanopoulos. Beck concludes the segment by railing against anyone who is in his words "anti-gay", saying they have no place as his fans. I hope his religious listeners heard that one. I can't help but be reminded of Andrew Cuomo. Now we know. We're not welcome in New York, nor anywhere within a five mile radius of Beck's studio of get-rich-quick schemes.

CPUSA would be proud of Glenn. From one of the right's media figureheads, to a sellout agenda whore. You see, its not enough for them just to have the ardent leftists on board. They need to pick off the right's people too, and Beck is one of the first to fall to his knees and declare, "I've always loved Big Brother."
There has been a widespread unrest and discomfort with this man across the conservative internet bastions, and I have come to understand why. One of us? Hell no he's not.
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  1. No surprise. Beck has been a pretty transparent self-promoter from the beginning. Remember when he used to blubber on the air? I knew then he was not cricket.

  2. I've always viewed Glenn Beck to be emotionally unstable - kind of a Lawrence O'Donnell of the right. Beware of grown men who publicly cry - Beck and Boehner).

  3. THANK YOU! Now I know I am not crazy -- or if I am I have lots of company.

    A very senior, senior citizen used to rave about Glenn when he was on FOX so I eventually tried to catch his show as often as I could. EVERY time I watched him there were mixed emotions. Yes, he exposed a lot of what I knew and had been posting around the web for years, but then BAM! he would be so far off the mark as to think he was one of the commies himself.

    The day he put a picture of President Bush on the left side of his board with photos of Marx and other known communists (I can't remember if he had one of obama on that side of the board or not) I turned him off and NEVER went back.

    And his radio show? "Windflier" on FR said it best; "It was completely unlistenable. There were like three people always talking simultaneously and cracking inside jokes with each other. Complete cacophony."

    "One of us? Hell no he's not." Amen and Amen!